Maryia Misiuk


Date of detention: 9 March 2024

Charges indicted:

Art. 289 of the Criminal Code — An act of terrorism

Notes: Затрыманыя непоўнагадовымі, Замежныя грамадзяне

Cases: "Чорныя салаўі"

Maryia Misiuk is a Ukrainian minor.

On April 29, the state TV channel ONT broadcast a propaganda film titled "Children in the Crosshairs. Recruited by the Enemy". The film detailed the detention of seven teenagers for "cooperation with Ukrainian special services." Some of the minors are accused of committing an “act of terrorism” and “treason against the state.” 

The film stated that six teenagers had allegedly formed an "anarchist cell "Black Nightingales," which had been created by 16-year-old Ukrainian citizen Maryia Misiuk "under the guidance of the National Liberation Army of Ukraine".

ONT employees allege that the teenagers united to commit sabotage in Belarus and subsequently in Russia. Maryia was charged under Part 2 of Article 289 of the Criminal Code (act of terrorism). According to the film, 16-year-old Maryia Misiuk relocated with her family from Ukraine to Belarus in 2022, where she established an "anarchist cell to prepare terrorist attacks." Misiuk communicated online with an individual identified as a "curator" . According to ONT staff, the individual known as "Marichka" provided instructions to Misiuk on how to construct an explosive device, a Molotov cocktail, and literature with anarchist and destructive content.


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