Natallia Hersche

Date of detention: 19 Sep 2020

Charges indicted:

art. 363 of the Criminal Code - Resistance to a police officer or other person guarding public order

Prison: Pre-trial detention center No. 1

Natallia Hersche

Natalia Hersche has dual citizenship - Belarus and Switzerland. She has been living in Switzerland for the last 12 years with her minor daughter. Natallia visits Belarus once a year.

This year, she arrived in Minsk on September 11, and after meeting with her friend on September 19, she joined the All-Women March near the Kamaroŭski market. This was the only time Natallia took part in a protest (she had a return ticket to Switzerlandon for September 21).

On that day, she was detained and charged under Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (participation in an unauthorized mass event). During the arrest, Natallia reportedly did not obey the officer's demand to enter a police bus, tried to escape and grabbed an OMON officer, Siarhei Konchyk, by the face and scratched it, tearing off his balaclava. Because of this, a criminal case was opened against her under Art. 363 of the Criminal Code (resistance to a police officer).

Before the trial, Natallia was held in a pre-trial prison in Žodzina. The trial started on December 3. On December 7, Judge Siarhei Shatsila of the Saviecki District Court of Minsk sentenced Natallia to 2 years and 6 months in a general-security penal colony. This is exactly what the state prosecutor had previously requested.

Swiss national gets 2 ½ years in prison for tearing balaclava off riot policeman

Ms. Hersche was found guilty of “violent resistance to a law enforcement officer” (Art. 363, Part 2 of the Criminal Code) over an incident that happened during a women-only peaceful demonstration in central Minsk. The woman was detained, but reportedly “resisted arrest,” which resulted in a “slight damage to the mask in the area of the eye slit” and a “scratch near the right eye.”


Mail address: Pre-trial detention center No. 1, 220030, Minsk, vulica Valadarskaha 2

Addresses of prisons:

  • Pre-trial detention center No. 1
    220030, Minsk, vulica Valadarskaha 2
    8 017 218-79-05
    101 person
  • Pre-trial detention center No. 7
    224030, Brest, vulica Savieckich pamiežnikaŭ 37
    8 017 218-79-01
    17 persons
  • Pre-trial detention center No. 8
    222163, Žodzina, vulica Savieckaja 22A
    25 persons
  • Pre-trial detention center No. 6
    225413, Baranavičy, vulica Bresckaja 258B
    15 persons
  • Pre-trial detention center of KGB
    220050, Minsk, Main Post Office, subscriber box 8
    4 persons
  • Pre-trial detention center No. 3
    246003, Homieĺ, vulica Knižnaja 1A
    6 persons
  • Prison No. 1
    230023, Hrodna, vulica Kirava 1
    3 persons
  • Prison No. 4
    212011, Mahilioŭ, vulica Krupskaj 99A
    4 persons
  • Penal colony No. 17
    213004, Škloŭ, vulica 1-ja Zavodskaja 8
    1 person
  • Penal colony No. 9
    213410, Horki, vulica Dabraliubava 16
    1 person
  • Penal colony No. 2
    213800, Babrujsk, vulica Sikorskaha 1
    1 person
  • Pre-trial detention center No. 2
    210026, Viciebsk, vulica Gagaryna 2
    2 persons
  • Penal colony No. 1
    211440, Navapolack, vulica Techničnaya 8
    1 person
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