Mikhail Yefimovich

sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison

Date of birth: 27 April 1987

Date of detention: 27 September 2020

Charges indicted:

Art. 364 of the Criminal Code - Violence or threat of violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies

Sentence: 2 1/2 years

Penalty: imprisonment in a general-security penal colony

Judge: Henadz Mazaila

Prison: Penal colony No. 3

Mikhail Yefimovich is an office manager in Hrodna sentenced to two and a half years in prison under Art. 364 of the Criminal Code (violence against a police officer). The charge stems from a protest held on September 27, 2020. Mikhail Yudzin, Vadzim Khizhniakou and Andrei Seviartoka were also convicted in this criminal case.

According to the charges, Seviartok deliberately punched a riot police officer in the head and kicked him in the right leg. At this time, Yefimovich deliberately threw an unidentified object at the officer, which hit the chest. After that, Yudzin deliberately kicked and punched another riot policeman, including in the arm and the head. Khizhniakov deliberately threw an unidentified object at the officer, using it as an instrument of crime.

Mikhail denies attending the protest. He and his wife and her sister came out of a cafe that day and saw a crowd of people. Three buses pulled over, and unknown people ran out and started "violent actions", Mikhail said. In the hands of one of them Yafimovich saw a weapon, a gas pistol, which the officer was loading. Mikhail saw people being dragged and beaten, so he was “forced to react”. He approached the scene and threw a paper cup to distract the security officers. According to Mikhail, the fact that he got into the chest of a riot police officer is not true. He said it was not his intention and stressed that you can't inflict bodily injuries with a paper cup. Mikhail was then knocked down and beaten. "They only said this, "'You'll get it, b...ch,'" Mikhail said. He was picked up, his arms twisted, bent and taken to a police bus.

He was later charged under Art. 364 of the Criminal Code. Mikhail was in custody before the trial.

Mail address: Penal colony No. 3. 211322, Viciebsk region, Vićba

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