Andrei Paheryla

former employee of Grodno Azot, sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment


Date of birth: 23 June 1991

Date of detention: 17 September 2021

Charges indicted:

Art. 361-1 of the Criminal Code — Creation of an extremist formation, or participation in it
art. 188 of the Criminal Code — Defamation
Art. 356 of the Criminal Code — High treason

Sentence: 14 years

Penalty: imprisonment in a medium-security penal colony

Judge: Aliaksandr Piskunou

Prison: Penal colony No. 2

Cases: Справа “Рабочага руху”

Godparent: Helge Limburg, Member of the German Bundestag

Andrei Paheryla is a former mechanic and repairman of the Ammonia-3 workshop at Grodno Azot, a major Belarusian nitrogen compounds and fertilizers producer.

He was arrested on September 17, 2021, as a defendant in a criminal investigation into 'high treason' (Article 356 of the Criminal Code) involving several employees of the Belarusian factories who supported local strikes in 2020 and were members of the Rabochy Rukh labor rights group. On September 21, 2021, that initiative was labeled as an "extremist" one, which entailed arrests of workers across the country. Besides, Andrei Paheryla was charged with Article 188 ('Defamation'), and Part 3 of Article 361-1 ('Creation of an extremist formation and participation in it') of the Criminal Code.

He was placed in remand prison #3 in Homieĺ.

On November 9, 2022, the Homieĺ Regional Court began the trial of the Rabochy Rukh case involving ten political prisoners. On the second day of the trial, all the defendants refused to admit their guilt in high treason and the creation of an extremist formation. Andrei Paheryla agreed only with the accusation of defamation. All the defendants refused to testify at the trial. From December 27, the trial was held behind closed doors until the verdict was passed, although, before that, it had been held in open mode.

On February 17, 2023, the court delivered the verdict. Judge Aliaksandr Piskunou found Andrei Paheryla guilty under all of the above articles and sentenced him to 14 years of imprisonment in a medium-security penal colony.

Rabochy rukh group members receive 11 to 15 year in jail for high treason and creating extremist group

The Homieĺ Regional court pronounced the verdict to the members of Rabochy rukh (Workers' Movement) group accused of high treason and creating and participating in an extremist organization.


Mail address: Penal colony No. 2. 213800, Babrujsk, vulica Sikorskaha 1

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